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Training Schedule and Dragonboat Festivals 2013/14

We train as a Club 3 times a week, weather and sea conditions permitting. Sunday is our 'Social Paddle' more suited to those who wish to get some more gentle (this depends upo the mood of the trainer!) excercise and enjoy the beautiful coastline and outlying islands the Andaman Sea has to offer. Wednesday evening and our newly introduced Friday morning sessions are more aimed towards race training and fitness.
We recommend that any newcomer attends on a Sunday for the first session - we don't want to put you off right from the word go!

Racing Events

Penang Pesta Dragonboat Race - 7th/8th December 2013
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penang pesta dragonboat race recruiting now

Saturday 7th December 2013

International Premier Open – 2 x 250m Relay (12 Racers)
International Premier Mixed – 2 x 250m (12 Racers)

Sunday 8th December 2013

International Premier Women – 500m (12 Racers)
International Premier Mixed – 500m (12 Racers)
International Senior 40 Open – 500m (12 Racers)

We are recruiting for new paddlers and members. Specifically we are seeking some younger members with a competitive spirit but the challenge is open to everyone.

We shall be flying out from Phuket as a team on Thursday 5th December, some members due to personal or business commitments may follow later. We will return on Monday 9th. The club will attempt to book all paddlers into the same hotel hopefully with a discount. As well as the racing it is a great time to relax, enjoy the evenings and have a good laugh with a great bunch of people - non paddling partners and friends are more than welcome. Penang is a great place to visit if you haven't been, Georgetown being the cultural hub.

For those who have never experienced the thrill of participating in a dragonboat race or training session, you don't not know what you are missing. It is one of the few sports where there are no individual stars, it relies on pure teamwork - unless everyone works in unison the team will not win and the boat does not cut through the water as it is designed to do.
The nature of dragonboating enables participants of all ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes - able bodied and disabled paddlers can sit side by side and compete together, men, women and youngsters. There is no language barrier either as the commands are simple and few, once the basics have been laid out each paddler follows the rhythm of the team creating a cameraderie difficult to equal.


Malaysia International Dragon Boat Festival 2014 - 30th to 31st May

malaysia asia dragonboat race

Malaysia Dragon Boat Association have announced their hosting of the Malaysia International Dragon Boat Festival 2014 - 30th to 31st May @ Putrajaya and Malacca. The highlights being Malaysia International Dragon Boat Championship (MIDBC) & IDBF Cancer Survivors Championship (IDBFCSC) Twin Cities Race. We hope that the Phuket Dragons will be able to put forward teams to compete.

Vist their website for more details

Joondalup Brothers Rugby Club and phuket Lomas RUFC Race Day

phuket dragons race day with the joondalup brothers and phuket lomas rugby youth teams

Phuket Dragons - Dragonboat Club hosted 25 youngsters from the Joondalup Brothers Rugby Club from Perth, Australia and 15 Thai lads from the local Phuket Lomas Rugby Club, brought along by Pat Cotter of Phuket Lomas. The kids were taught how to paddle a Dragon boat, given basic safety training and then split into 3 teams from where they took part in 200 metre races across the bay. From complete novices they all turned into incredibly enthusiastic and competitive paddlers under the tutelage of the club volunteers. The afternoon was supported on shore by many parents, sports coaches and club members who took advantage of the beautiful location and weather. The racing finished at 5pm followed by the announcement of the winners - team Green (well done lads!) and a barbecue on the beach.

Training Schedule 2013

Weekly Dragonboat Training Schedule - LOW SEASON

Sunday: 4.30pm - 6.00pm

4.30pm meet on Laem Ka Beach, warm up
5.00pm Boat Launch and Training until 6.00pm
6.00pm Cool down, store the boat - post training refreshments at The White Hart

Weekly Dragonboat Training Schedule - HIGH SEASON

Wednesday: 4.30pm - 6.00pm

4.30pm meet on Laem Ka Beach, warm up
5.00pm Boat Launch and Training until 6.00pm
6.00pm Cool down, store the boat - post training refreshments at The White Hart

Friday: 8.30am - 10.00am

8.30am meet on Laem Ka Beach, warm up
9.00am Boat Launch and Training until 9.30pm
10.00am Cool down, store the boat - breakfast

Membership is currently FREE, paddling costs just 80 THB per session

International Dragonboat Festivals

We are currently compiling a list of International and local Festivals within Asia and beyond

If you have any information for us or would like to be included within this list please contact us

who were are and what the dragons do in phuket

International Festivals Our aim is to hold our own Dragonboat Festival in the future on the island. We have contacted many clubs in Asia and worldwide to test the waters and from the responses we have had so far the answer is a resounding 'Yes, we would lovely to come to Phuket to compete!', hardly surprising as we are based in one of the top tourist destinations in the world. However we are still small as a club and we have to take things slowly - we would love any potential sponsors out there to contact us so we can make our dream a reality. In the meantime we are busy compiling a list of the major festivals in Asia and worldwide.